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Fall 2016 Hours Posted

August 26,2016

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Clinician and Teacher

I am a chiropractor and faculty member at NWTC in Green Bay, WI.  I find that teaching anatomy and physiology complements my roll as a competent and informed clinician.  It is also true that current clinical experience aids my ability to convey relevant information to my students.  Teaching students and treating patients are two of my passions in life.  I am fortunate to have opportunities to form lasting and meaningful relationships in our community. 

Diagnostic Imaging and Referrals

Diagnostic imaging can be a very helpful tool used to diagnose many varieties of pain.  At Ditty Chiropractic, a patient history, physical examination, and clinical progress will be coorelated to determine a best course of action for all patients.  This may or may not include chiropractic manipulation and/or diagnostic imaging (x-ray, CT, or MRI).  I have no hesitation to refer patients to other physicians of all disciplines like orthopedics, pain management specialists, or neurologists.